“Kathleen Gegan is

the most creative person

I have ever met.  

We all love her!”


Philip Osborne, world traveler, bon vivant, philanthropist

Osborne Travel & Bush Homes of East Africa, Founder &  CEO

C.A.R.E., Board of Directors

“Kathleen Gegan’s brilliance, her aptitude, her overall presence overshadows everyone with her innate ability of CREATIVITY. Never to be taken lightly. Genius unbound. Flair. Arousal with the ingenious ability to captivate any

audience presented. A walking visage of beauty whose voice and music sends chills across any audience or person who resides close by. A hand who creates. Creates images so profound you look for a comparison and find none.

So unique are they that they sit in their own museum to an artist so gifted each work shouts the glory of the hand that created it. It flies aloft in cavernous spaces held softly overhead while the many travel below. It hangs on walls traveled everyday to give the day a sense of beauty. Her art holds space in time for all to ponder, and to let a message flow within, then enjoy the outcome.  Her eyes have been presented to the brain: the art from her mind.”


Nels A. Anderson IV,

President and Founding partner COMPRO Film & Video Productions, Atlanta

WSB-TV, Chief Cinematographer

WXIA-TV, Art Director and Cinematographer

Conquest Advertising, Art Director

City of Topeka, City Communications, Public Information Specialist


Winner of 55 Broadcasting Cinematography Awards:

Emmy Awards, Telly Awards,

Corporate & Commercial Video & Film Festival Awards


Former Curator of Special Exhibitions

for The HIGH Museum of Art & Atlanta School of Art


“Kathleen Gegan’s creative intelligence is multi-faceted,

evident in her philosophical concepts, Fine Art, Poetry,

Musical Compositions, Dance, and Science. Her ability to see and hear the oneness of the universe is intriguing,  from the microcosm to the macrocosm and back again

in an ever-unending dance of life. She sees from the infinite spectrum of the universe, to the personal perspective, and into the quantum past the speed of thought, often with a wonderful touch of humor.”


William B. Hedgepeth

Magazine journalist, editor, author, television and screenwriter,

political campaign consultant


LOOK magazine: Senior Editor, Bureau Chief; feature articles: LIFE,

Pro (NFL magazine), Sportsweek, The New Yorker, Esquire, Goizueta, Intellectual Digest, Psychology Today, McCall's, Atlanta  Georgia Trend,

California Magazine, Readers Digest, The New Yorker, Bicycle World,

Rolling Stone, Penthouse, New Times, Hittin' The Note, New York Times,

The Atlanta Constitution, Universal Studios, Universal City

Speeches: Robert F. Kennedy and a host of statesmen

Awards include: National Magazine Feature of the Year;

Overseas Press Club foreign reporting award; Front Page award;

Columbia School of Journalism award; Pulitzer nomination

“What They Say About Gegan”