This is the course I created, copyrighted,

and taught for several years

at Georgia State University/

Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders,

and at a several of Atlanta’s private schools.


It is based upon research I did at Harvard

University in Astrophysics, Mythology, Cosmology,

History of Science, and independent research

in how people from different places and eras

have conceived of their own origins.


I had the students do their own research,

& engage in discussions daily. At the end

of the session, we had a production,

each student participating,

drawing upon his or her own talents,

whether music, drawing, painting, dancing,

or singing.


Each student became a star, spiraling in unity,

inward and outward from the microcosm

to the macrocosm, and back again ~

both love and war a part of the whole.


I taught them that the whole universe is alive.

Doesn’t everyone know that?